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Secretarial Studies helps students develop the competencies required to be able to work in a bilingual office environment while carrying out secretarial duties.

DVS - Secretarial 

Offered online,English program


If you were to ask a high power Executive about their Administrative Assistant, they’d probably say they couldn’t live without them! Our Administrative Assistant program is offered online and individualized. With a new start date almost every month, you can choose when to begin and go at your own pace to earn your diploma.

Now is your time to acquire the skills, knowledge and certification needed to advance your career in administrative support. Our skilled teachers will help you learn the principles and methods used in the business world today. 

  • The program is officially recognized by the Québec Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports.

  • The professional training you receive opens doors to many jobs in both the public and private sectors.

  • The technological skills acquired are essential for employment in an office environment.

  • The expertise obtained is in great demand.

  • Financial aid is available for eligible candidates at

Content of program.

1.      Determine their suitability for the occupation and the training process

2.      Proofread the spelling and grammar of English texts

3.      Perform word processing tasks

4.      Ensure the quality of written English

5.      Provide customer service

6.      Perform document management

7.      Produce spreadsheets

8.      Design presentations

9.      Write business texts in English

10.    Carry out accounting operations

11.   Produce business correspondence

12.   Create databases

13.   Handle cash

14.   Translate texts

15.   Produce tables and charts

16.   Prepare the visual design of documents

17.   Write and format business texts in French

18.   Update information published on digital media

19.   Interact in French in a business setting

20.   Follow up on business correspondence

21.   Carry out activities related to the organization of meetings and events

22.   Produce reports

23.   Provide technical support

24.  Coordinate multiple tasks

25.  Enter the workforce

Total: 1485 Hours

Exams are done on site

Admission requirements.



Contact .

1. Have a proficient level of English
2. Provide the necessary documents to your application
3. Pay the 120$ administration fee upon registration (Interac, credit card).


Applicants to the the Secretarial with our sponsor can apply to the loans and bursaries with the Ministry of Education.


For more information, you can contact us at 514-632-9777  or 514-632-9666 or by email at

Phone :    514-632-9777  or 514-632-9666

Email :

Open from Monday to Sunday, 9AM to 5PM


It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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