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Holding a key position within an organism or a company, the tasks of an executive assistant include supporting executive staff members, problem-solving, and participating in employee management, particularly with the employees they oversee. 

ACS - Executive Assistant_LCE.0F

Summary  & Mission.

Admission conditions

Course list

Career prospects

Tuition fees

The Executive Assistant (ACS in Office Automation option executive assistant) is a 915-hour program and is included within the field of office technology (NOC-B). Additionally, a 285-hour internship gives you the practical experiences you need before entering the job market. Executive assistants are found in companies in many sectors and are considered an essential part of any enterprise.


Executive assistants are responsible for the efficiency of operations related to document production and must also take charge of creating a synergistic and harmonious work environment. To be an effective executive assistant, a strong sense of responsibility and mastery of technical skills, as well as good managerial instincts are essential qualities to have.

Applicants must respect the following conditions :
• Obtained a high school diploma or equivalent diploma
• Have a basic understanding of office technology
• Sufficient abilities in French
• Sufficient abilities in English
• Complete the intake interview
• Submit a CV

412-A01-NS: Integration into the Workforce (45h)
412-B01-NS: Current Word Processing Tools (60h)
412-B02-NS: Database Creation and Management (60h)
412-B03-NS: Use of Tools and Services Relating to Office Work (45h)
412-G01-NS: Staff Recruitment, Training and Mobilization (60h)
412-G02-NS: Problem Solving in the Workplace (45h)
412-G03-NS: Interaction in the Workplace (45h)
412-G04-NS: Office Procedures (45h)
412-G05-NS: Office Work Coordination (45h)
601-B01-NS: Français des affaires (45h)
601-B02-NS: Production et traitement de documents d'affaires en français (45h)
604-B01-NS: Business English (45h)
604-B02-NS: Producing and Processing Business English Documents (45h)

Possible careers
• Executive Assistant
• Executive Secretary

Average salary

The average salary is 25$ per hour. Executive assistants working in Quebec typically earn between 16$ an hour and 38.46$ an hour. The indicated salaries apply to the entirety of Assistants and Executive Assistants (CNP 1222).

Source 1: Gouvernement du Canada
Source 2: Emploi Quebec https://

Admission fees : $50 (non-refundable)

Registration fees : $200 (non-refundable)

Tuition fees : Tuition fees may vary from session to session 

Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

Our programs are also open to international students and are an affordable way to come to Quebec so you can learn new skills and gain new life experiences. Students who complete the ACS Executive Assistant program will also be eligible to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), allowing them to apply their knowledge into practice.

EED (DLI): O137083107422 - École de management INSA

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