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To apply the the loans and bursaries during your studies, you will need to certify your documents as true copies, and, in some cases, add one or more forms that require the signature of a commissioner for oaths.


You have the choice between having your documents certified at your nearby City Hall by appointment and for a fee (on average $ 5 per page, for a family of 3 to 5 people you can pay between $ 20-30 see more) or you can certifiy your documents with INSA (we have 3 commissioners for oaths).


We offer that you certify your documents at a rate of $ 10 for a 10-page electronic version package *, the process is as follows:

1- Pay the $ 10 fee by Interac e-transfer to the following email:

2- Scan your documents (we recommend that you download free scanning software on your cell phone) and send them to the following email:

3- For the certification, we also need you to send us a photo of you holding the original documents that you want to certify or sign by the commissioner because we must certify that they are indeed your own documents, send them also to the following email :

4- We will process your request within 48 hours (Monday to Friday) if the request is complete.

For any information, you can contact us by phone at 514 699 0688 or by email at:

* This service is only for INSA College students, and used only for the AFE.


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