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Thank you for choosing the INSA College Business Management course - the new version of Starting a Business.

Since the courses are currently delivered online, the following points are very important. Please be patient and read it carefully.

1-Business Management is a new version of the Starting a Business course, the official name of the course is New Version- Starting a Business, training code: 05361. This more advanced course includes subjects such as management company, business development strategy, market public relations, etc. Students can benefit from an AFE grant.

2- After registering with INSA College, you will receive emails from the school board (SRAFP) throughout the admission process (waiting list, conditional admission, etc.). You can ignore them because these “system emails” are automatically sent when your file is processed. If your documents have been submitted to INSA and your file is complete, you will need to pay attention to the email from , otherwise you just have to wait for the course to start.

3-Student account : After your authorization, we take care of completing your student file online. Please try not to change your password before the start of the course , which will help you finalize your file faster.

4- Receipt of the 2 official documents to sign . After submitting all the documents for your registration, you will receive an email 2 to 4 days before the start of the school year. You must use your computer, mobile phone or tablet to sign the admission and registration forms. This operation is very simple and essential for the continuation of the course. We have prepared instructions for students, please refer to:

5- Return of the 2 signed documents : Please send the signed forms to: If you send it to the system or to other email addresses, your processing will be extended.

6- Start time of the course. If you have attended the Launch course before, you may not attend the first management course because you have already validated the competency in the previous course. You will start from the second class a week later (for example, you are registered for Saturday August 1 but you will officially start on August 8). The first course is for students who have never attended a business start-up course.

7- Online course : 2 to 4 days before the course, you will receive an online account activation link. Classes are taught 100% online. You must have a computer and a good internet connection. If you do not have a computer, INSA provides students with a rental computer, but the number of computers is limited. It is recommended that you use your own or a friend's computer for the course.

8- Well-being :
-INSA students benefit from free study financial assistance assistance request services, we will provide counseling through ZOOM, online video system, individual telephone counseling, please contact: hanen @ insacollege .com
-OPUS metro card, students benefit from reduced rates on metro tickets for the duration of their course
-You could benefit from advantages over a pair of corrective glasses or lenses. You could get a credit of up to $ 185 if you applied to AFE. Details:
-The INSA student who recommends someone to one of our courses can get a commission of $ 50 per person
-If you think the class is difficult, please contact us in time, we will communicate with you and the teacher and provide more free classes after class

INSA has always been committed to helping students acquire more knowledge and hopes that our students will be able to work and live better in Quebec after graduation.

514-699-0688 / 514-699-0689

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